EntityRadiusDamage( <origin>, <range>, <max damage>, <min damage>, [attacker] )

Module: Entity


Does damage to all damageable objects within a given radius. The amount of damage is linear according to how close the object is to the radius. See also Damage/radiusdamage if you don't wish to specify an entity the damage is coming from.

Call this on:

<entity> The damaging entity; this will be ignored during the damage traces.


self EntityRadiusDamage( level.player.origin, 500, max, min, attacker );

Required Args:

  • 1 : <origin> The centre of the damage.
  • 2 : <range> The radius of the damage done.
  • 3 : <max damage> The maximum damage done. This will be done to objects close to the origin
  • 4 : <min damage> The minimum damage done. This will be done to objects at the edge of the damage sphere.

Optional Args

  • 1 : [attacker] The attacker. Defaults to world. Can be different from the entity this is called on.