FinishPlayerDamage( <Inflictor>, <Attacker>, <Damage>, <Damage Flags>, <Means of Death>, <Weapon>, <Direction>, <Hit Loc>, <OffsetTime> )

Module: Damage
MP Only


Does damage to a player - usually as part of the damage callback

Call this on:

A client


self FinishPlayerDamage( eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc, psOffsetTime );

Required Args:

  • 1 : <Inflictor> The entity that causes the damage.(e.g. a turret)
  • 2 : <Attacker> The entity that is attacking.
  • 3 : <Damage> Integer specifying the amount of damage done
  • 4 : <Damage Flags> Integer specifying flags that are to be applied to the damage
  • 5 : <Means Of Death> Integer specifying the method of death
  • 6 : <Weapon> The weapon number of the weapon used to inflict the damage
  • 7 : <Direction> (vector) The direction of the damage
  • 8 : <Hit Loc> The location of the hit
  • 9 : <Offset Time> The time offset for the damage