BeginLocationSelection( <location selector>, <selector size> )

Module: Client


Causes the player to begin selecting a location. A map HUD element should be visible for them to see where they're selecting. Works with endlocationselection(). When the user confirms or cancels, they will recieve a notify "confirm_location" or "cancel_location". The former notify contains the location they selected, as a vector.

Call this on:

A Player


self BeginLocationSelection( "map_crosshair", 0.1); self waittill("confirm_location", loc );

Required Args:

  • 1 : <location selector> Name of the material to use as a cursor on the map. Must be precached with precacheLocationSelector()

Optional Args

  • 1 : <selector size> The radius of the cursor material in world units. Cannot be larger than the entire south-to-north span of the minimap. If not specified, will be 15% of the south-to-north span of the minimap.