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    As a child I played Kill3rs ZombieX mod as much as my parents would allow me to. Addicted to the dark atmosphere and amazing multiplayer zombie mod mechanics. The ability to bunker down with a group of people, or run around bayonetting zombies chasing that top hunter spot. Sadly as time passes games die, and at the cyclic CoD release rate ZombieX was doomed to die with the base game.

    Long story short I've been working on a passion project to recreate ZombieX in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I won't be giving server information here as I don't wish to violate any rules, if you're interested feel free to reach out on Steam for server/mod information. The server will be public this Friday with the most basic version of the mod nearing completion. Here are some features,

    Below you can find my studios official gameplay post,

    Gameplay & Mod
    This is a personal mod [GR]Ant_8490{A} & .Bell have created. Hosted on Just a project we started to see what we could do in CS:Go. Black Sun Studios has hosted on CS 1.6, CS:S, and now CS:Go. All other occasions the mods were very successful, so hopefully we can continue the legacy with this new addition to CS:Go. We are always listening to input and will answer to what the players want added/removed/edited. Our goal is to continue to work on the mod as a hobby and experiment with the idea of the players & community.

    Mapping done by Halt, .Bell, & Varyim. All maps are edited by one of those three. If you map or would like to add a map please contact one of them. We always welcome community content. Mod sound work created & added by Halt.

    • In order to play there must be 2 players/clients in the server.
    • The round begins and has a 15 second preparation phase.
    • The total round time prior to preparation phase is 5 minutes. Which means once a zombie is selected you have 4:45 to survive/hunt.
    • The first zombie is randomly selected, and will always spawn with 500 HP, no matter what state the round is in.
      • The Mod selects at random 25% of the players to be mother zombies. (We will balance this as the server populates)
    • Start Money 1000;
    • $35 Awarded per HIT on a Zombie for the Human. +Kill Award of $525, +End Round award of $750 for the next round.
    • Zombies spawning HP lowers as more Humans become Zombies in the round, balancing the larger number of zombies for the fewer Humans.
    • Zombies receive NO knock back. To give them a better advantage at a wall of humans.
    • The last three survivors trigger round effects and get a boost. Soon they will all be re-spawned together with full HP to survives a full server of 29 zombies.
    • Zombies glow green.
    You can bind commands by enabling console and typing the following in (bind i say !zom_explode). Now if I hit "i" in-game I will execute the command.

    zom_sentryHumanSpawns automated sentry gun that targets zombies. Costs $1,200.
    zom_nvZombiesEnables night vision.
    zom_explodeZombiesAllows zombies to suicide bomb, damaging nearby human players.

    Currently we only have perks for humans but we are implementing a very dynamic zombie perk soon. We will also be adding random spawned zombies with an additional power/advantage.

    Kills Needed
    HE Grenade4Gives HE grenade.
    Molotov Grenade6Gives Molotov grenade.
    Artillery Strike8Replaces smoke grenade, and calls a 9 round artillery strike at your target. Simply throw a smoke grenade if you find one or are awarded one.
    Tactical Awareness Grenade10Gives TA grenade.
    Riot Shield14Gives riot sheild

    • No racism/sexism - You can joke around, but no toxicity.
    • Do not be toxic - This will not be tolerated in any form.
    • No purposefully breaking the mod/glitching maps.
    • Don't DC because you are the first zombie.
    • Follow admin/moderator guidance.
    • Halt
    • [GR]Ant_8490{A}
    • .Bell
    • Varyim
    Again the mod is always subject to change if the community has ideas or improvements they think would be good. This post is updated periodically.

    My Steam -

    Some old alpha gif's (the mods come a long way since these gifs, along with darkened maps)


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    Re: ZombieX - A modern Counter-Strike Go attempt to recreate great memories
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    Just a side note, I recreated the mod a few years ago but deployed (I was in the service) and the project died. I'm no longer in the service so I can nurse this mod to fruition.